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Hepta Automation Systems
Cable Specifications
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Model No: RG-59 / RG-6 / RG-11 / Multi-Core


                  RG-11                     RG-6                     Multi-Core


Cables play a vital role in high quality video images in CCTV Surveillance Systems.

The actual effect of high resolution cameras and monitors can be utilized if and only if matching high quality cables are used.


         Minimum loss in signal quality

         Ensuring better reception of video signals

         Less Electromagnetic interference

         Minimum structural return loss

         Solid bare copper centre conductor

         Bonded aluminum foil and aluminum alloy as outer conductors.

Recommended Optimum Length : 

  •  RG-59 ranges from 50 ~ 100 meters

  •  RG-6 ranges from 100 ~ 200 meters

  •  RG-11 ranges from 300 ~ 600 meters