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Hepta Automation Systems

4 CH 100 FPS Digital Video Recorder Card

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Model No: 04100


4 CH Real Time Display & Recording Video Capture Card
[Can be expandable upto 16 cameras by adding BNC extension cables]



Features :  

  • Combination of local and remote-end control function

  • Intelligent search and replay of video materials, reliable way of  storing video materials, multi-picture division and alternate display, unlimited expansion through network

  • 4 CH Real Time Monitoring, Recording in 100 FPS, can be extended upto 16 CH in Time Lapse mode by adding BNC extension board

  • High performance remote surveillance resolution

  • The system has strong intelligence, making it possible to preset recording for many days and many time periods with careful detecting and prevention.

  • Screen display division for: Full/4/6/9/10/13/16 channel display on one screen.
  • Remote control and recording through transmission network (local network, Internet, ISTN, Leased line)

  • Simple and visual operation interface, realizing 24-hour continuous operation, low cost of administration and maintenance.

  • Intelligent and dynamic frame monitoring compression

  • Adjustable picture size, picture quality and recording speed, capable of catching pictures to print out through printer, Random catch and storage while replaying video materials.

  • Playback with intelligent search by date / time / camera / event
  • Manual or automatic backup by date / time / cameras / location
  • Allowing maximum 3 users with password and set the restarting & shutdown timing.




  • OS      

Windows 98SE  / 2000P / XP

  • CPU   
Intel Pentium-III, 800MHz or higher 
  • RAM    
128MB or higher 
  • VGA        
ATI Compatible AGP Graphic Card / Raedon 7000 series  with 64MB over, PCI Express Card AGP with 128MB Individual Memory
  • Hard Disk
40GB or more (Min. one partition for Recording)
  • Resolution
1024 x 768, 32bit Color
  • Backup
CD R/W, DVD-RAM, etc 
  • Network
10/1000 Based / Broad Band
  • S/W
DirectX 8.0 or later
  • Driver
NT Based Audio Section Ver1.1 (4 times)
NT Based Video Section Ver1.1 (4 times)